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Executive Headteacher - Miss J C Smith  Designated Safeguarding Lead (Deputy)

Assistant Headteacher - Mrs N Bayliss Designated Safeguarding Lead

Assistant Headteacher (RE Leader) - Mrs L Clark Designated Safeguarding Lead (Deputy)

Reception Class Teachers – Mrs. J Rushton Designated Safeguarding Lead (Deputy) (Mon-Wed) and Mrs. I Dobrowolska-Tissiman (Thurs-Fri)

Teaching Assistant – Mrs. D Clarke

Year 1 & 2 Class Teacher – Mr. A. Taylor

Teaching Assistant – Mrs. S Hands

Year 3 & 4 Class Teacher – Mr. M. Dalton 

Teaching Assistant – Miss. J Santos Designated Safeguarding Lead (Deputy)

Year 5 & 6 Class Teacher - Mrs N Bayliss

Teaching Assistant – Mrs. P Terefenko

EVC leader 

Office Administrator – Mrs. K McGrath

Lunchtime supervisor/ Caretaker – Mr. S Tarte

Lunchtime supervisor/ Cleaner – Mr. P Moore

Lunchtime Supervisor – Mrs. T Moore

Wrap Around Care Providers – Mrs. B Reddington, Miss. J Santos and Mrs. N Green