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Mini Vinnies

The group is part of the Society of St Vincent de Paul. The St Vincent de Paul Society (SVP) is an international Christian voluntary organisation dedicated to tackling poverty and disadvantage by providing practical assistance to those in need. ‘Mini Vinnies’ are children aged between 7 to 11 who, with the permission of their parents and the support of their Schools, are encouraged to embark on their first steps as possible ‘Vincentians for life’. As Mini Vinnies, the youngsters have their own ‘treasured’ Prayer, Pledge and Badge, a dedicated website and a range of bright and colourful documents which guide them in their formative steps – helping and enabling them to become in every sense, young Vincentians – or ‘Mini Vinnies’. They will decide which worthy cause they would like to help each year and of course how they will do this.

Our group help people less fortunate than us by raising money, praying and doing things for lonely people. At St Mary's our ‘Mini Vinnies’ group are all pupils from Class 4. We pray together each week and meet to discuss ways we can help others. We collect food and create food parcels at different times of the year and donate these to local families.  


Our group help to lead the worship in school and they will be building on this throughout the year.