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It is our intention at St Mary's, that all pupils experience and develop a love of English, resulting in a a sophisticated vocabulary equipping them with excellent speaking, reading and writing skills. Children will leave St. Mary's with a love of reading through our exciting programme, designed to develop all pupils intellectually, culturally and spiritually. 


Our English curriculum is based on a thematic approach, where whole class shared texts form the focal point from which learning extends. Reading is at the heart of our English curriculum, and we foster an ethos that celebrates the pleasure of reading. St Mary's offers a wide range of genres and publications which are promoted across the breadth of the key stages. We use the National Curriculum Framework which covers the essential areas of reading, comprehension and phonics (using Bug Club); writing, spelling, handwriting and grammar and speaking and listening.


Daily targeted reading interventions are carried out to improve early reading skills using strategies that  contribute to a student's long term reading ability.


In addition to our attractive library, each classroom has a selection of exciting and challenging books carefully selected to engage and challenge readers. 


Key Stage 1

Our phonics lessons are delivered on a daily basis using Bug Club. We incorporate a daily 30 minute lesson in both early years and key stage 1. In addition, grammar, spelling punctuation are taught through an integrated approach or discretely where appropriate. Cursive handwriting is taught from years 2 - 6.


Key Stage 2

English is taught for one hour each day, incorporating exciting sequences of learning based on our carefully selected texts. Grammar, punctuation and spelling is taught in context, supporting writing structures. Pupils are exposed to a range of genres, including both fiction and non fiction reading, this includes a challenging class novel, read aloud daily. Reading progression is monitored through the 'Accelerated Reader' programme and Rising Stars PIRA assessments. 


Extra-curricular opportunities include annual whole-school oracy awards, poetry and public speaking competitions.